First time I noticed her was when I saw a picture of her wearing mirrorized shades that I was obsessed about. I didn’t know who she was then. I asked my friends to help me look for it but we couldn’t find the exact shades. I followed her on Twitter and asked her the brand but she never tweeted me back. Of course, she won’t tweet back, what was I thinking?

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 2

I don’t know what happened but after that I seemed to see her everywhere. I mean not in person, but in all big name fashion shows in every fashion week, in all fashion magazines, etc. She is the most photographed model in this time.

Cara Delevingne.

The hottest model to date. The Twiggy of my time. British born. Burberry’s face.

cara-delevingne-16890-1920x1080 5134a315bfb2b0304201373517 tumblr_medgcykXNG1r6wdbko1_500 EXCLUSIVE: Brit supermodel Cara Delevingne modeling in Miami, Florida. tumblr_mgpmgsbOi81ql0rsmo1_500 tumblr_mhwt6f5RBX1r7oi4po1_1280 tumblr_min2nz49Kf1qlv7wdo1_500 tumblr_mj7j9i1zv21qae5tao1_500

And now to get up close and personal, let’s see what’s in her bag.