I don’t know who Vinny Guadagnino is. I haven’t heard his name up until this morning.

I don’t watch The Jersey Shore and that’s the reason why I don’t know Vinny. Apparently he is one of the cast member of The Jersey Shore and now he has a TV show of his own called: The Show with Vinny.

It is a talk show. But it’s a totally different talk show. Not Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O ‘Brien kind of talk show and I am totally hooked and I love his show. I think this will be the only show I will make an effort to watch.

He invites his guest celebrities to his home in Staten Island and that’s where the interview/show begins. In their living room. He introduces his guests to his Italian family. Paola his mom, his crazy and funny Uncle Nino (brother of his Mom), his 2 gorgeous sisters. And that’s where the fun begins. The guest celebrities have a meal with them which his Mom Paola cooks. And let them experience the Italian culture.¬†Theirs is a typical Italian family.

I love it so much that I want to do a show exactly like this with my family. I can relate. Thats the only thing I can say. LOL.

1. the way Paola dotes on her son.

2. the generation gap between Paola, Uncle Nino and Vinny. The words and terms that the “generation Y” use that our generation can’t understand.

3. the way Paola thinks that she has “fans.” So hilarious.

4. When Lil’Wayne was the guest and Uncle Nino said “who? John Wayne?” What I’m trying to say is I can relate to this because half of the celebrities of the generation Y I don’t know and my kids sometimes get frustrated with me cos I keep on asking them “who’s that?”

Here’s 2 episodes that I like.

Guests: Victoria Justice & Scott Disick


Guests: Lil Wayne & Jenna Marbles