Claudia and me did some girly stuff after having lunch in P.F Changs. We went to the 10:30am mass first then we went to have our usual sunday lunch.

She was telling me over lunch that Claire’s just recently opened in Fort (in the building where P.F. Changs and IHOP is) and she wanted to check it out.

Claire’s is what CVS of Chuvaness would call a wasteland. We first discovered it in Hawaii last year.

So we went after lunch.


We just had fun checking out their stuff. Something that were nice to look at but not good enough to buy.


After Claire’s we went to hunt for my lip scrub. First we went to Watson’s at The Fort. None. So we went to Power Plant in Rockwell.

We had soooo much fun going around Essences, Beauty Bar and PCX. Trying new products and discovering new ones.

I was able to buy my lip scrub in Smashbox and my lip balm in Burts Bees in Beauty Bar. I was so happy that they carry the brand “Nature & Co.” which I discovered in Watson’s Taipei last year.


I love their facial mist.

In PCX I found this brand that I used to hoard in mid 90’s. I used to buy in Watson’s Hongkong and hoard like crazy.



Hmmm… higher ang p.h. level ng menopausal women? LOLS.

Claudia went crazy when she found this:


“mom! they have beauty bender!”

We passed by Levis and went in. Levis came out with colored skinny stretchable jeans and we fitted a few.

IMG_0546 IMG_0547

I looked for sandals in Topshop, Aldo, Keith & Charles but I found the pair I liked in Zara.

I wanted to get a scoop of Gelato in Morelli’s but Claudia said: “mom, we had dessert after lunch!” So I stopped myself.


We definitely deserved to have a “treat yourself day”. After all we worked like crazy this week.

I love daughters. I love spending time with mine.