Ever since I have been doing monogram jewleries my clients always asked my opinion on how the letters should be arrange. I always tell them it’s up to them. Whatever they like.

My monogram necklace is VCV. The first name of my kids. I put C in the middle becos Claudia is my only girl.

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Until my friend told me that there is a rule on how to do monograms. There is a proper way but it doesn’t mean you have to follow it. In the end it’s really up to you what you want.

Rules for monograms


If all initials are the same size, they go in this order: ( irst name ) ( iddle name ) ( ast name ) Sample: Alice May Butler monogram is AMB

In a monogram with an oversized middle initial, the order is this: ( irst name ) ( ast name ) ( iddle name ) Sample: Alice may butler monogram is M

If a single individual would like to use a single initial for a monogram they should use the first letter of their first name: Sample: Alice May Butler is 

Married Women

If a woman changes her name upon marriage, she usually drops her middle name and uses her maiden name instead: ( irst name ) ( aiden name ) ( ast name ) Sample: If Alice May Butler changes her last name to Grant her new monogram is ABG or 

Marriage Monograms 

If you want to create a marriage monogram (and the bride is changing her name) the rule is that the wife’s name goes first, the joint last name goes in the middle, and then the groom’s name: Sample: The monogram for Alice May Grant and Michael Alan Grant is M

A Single Initial Monogram For A Married Couple

A single initial monogram for a married couple is the first initial of the husband’s last name. Sample: The monogram for Alice May Grant and Michael Alan Grant is G

Bride Not Changing Her Name 

There are no set rules for this situation. Here are two options to consider: 

1) Use two matching separate monograms and unite them with a small symbol Example: Alice May Butler and Michael Alan Grant AMB • MAG

2) Use the initials from the bride’s and groom’s last names: Example: Alice Butler marries Alan Grant : BG

Engaged Couples

An engaged couple should never use the married monogram until after the wedding ceremony.

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