The Barretto family squabble hit the newspaper the day I went out of town and my daughter left for Hongkong.

She texted me when she was in Cathay Pacific lounge telling me to read Ricky Lo’s column.

Oh, god. I don’t have time for this I was in the middle of packing 1 million bathing suits. Was I interested? Hell, no.

Actually I read about it inTwitter. Everyone was going crazy over it.

hmmmmm…. Why not blog about our (my daughter, her friend and Me) experience with GB. That was an experience of a lifetime. Talo lahat na teleserye. Live coverage. True to life story.

I twitted: to blog or not to blog? I was thinking holy cow if I blog about it can you just imagine my stat meter!

wooooooooh. Everyone wanted me to blog about it. I know I needed my daughters permission cos it concerns her and she might not like it.

I know she would say no.

So, I texted her.


Aba, pumayag. I have my go signal! I was planning to blog about it when I come back. But an hour later she texted me back:


So, there. Let’s leave it like that. And besides it is corny if I just write about it, dapat live kasi gagayahin ko sya. Her actions, her screams, her sobs. I will need a stage people! I will need a whole production.

And another thing I am not going that way. I am not going to use people to get my stats meter up.

I will take the high road.