During summer I have a totally different beauty regimen. Keeping and smelling fresh during the hot months is a lot of work. But hey, it is what it is, we don’t really have much choice, do we?

I always want to smell fresh and look fresh all the time and during summer it takes a lot of effort. You need time and product that works. It doesn’t have to be expensive and branded. There are a lot of drugstore products that really work.

Let’s start with the very important part.

The face.

I never go out without a facial sunblock not only during summer but all year round. I have tried using all kinds but this is the best for me. Very light, smells good, not sticky and high SPF.




I use BB cream instead of foundation. The best BB cream that I have tried is a drugstore brand that my son buys for me in London.




For youthful glow and dewy look I use this. It has also SPF. It is suppose to have real gold microparticles. I have no idea what the gold microparticles can do but I like the radiance that it gives my face. ‘di lang ako sure kung 14k or 18k gold. LOL, seriously, I like this product.




I spray my face with mist before putting make up and when I want to freshen up within the day. I have been using La Mer’s spray mist for a long time already. This is one product I can’t live without. Especially  living in a tropical country.



Last year when we were in Taiwan, I found this product in Watson’s and I super liked it. It has mint in it and it feels cold in my skin and smells good, too. So I use this now that it is  super hot outside, a spray of cold mist sometimes help.



I really have dry lips and it becomes more dry during summer. This is the first thing I put on after I clean my face. At least when I am doing the rest my lips are already being moisturized. I love that it has mint and it smells like coppertone with mint. This is my go to lip balm now.




Well, you all know that I have dry, wavy and frizzy hair. Choosing the right shampoo for my kind of hair is a different post all together. I have tried everything and everywhere. Some I hit, some I miss. This is my latest favorite product for my hair. I have written about it before. But here it is again.



When we were in Hawaii last year, I discovered this very cool product. It is suppose to give texture to your hair and gives you the feeling that you just came from the beach. I like it (and have been hooked) because 1. I can control my hair and 2. it gives my hair the 2 day old look. The tussled sexy look.

I freaked out when my can was about to finish cos this is only available in the U.S. So I called my  NYC connection. Ann Casimiro to the rescue. I told her my dilema. She wiped out the shelf in target and sent it to me. I am not joking! She emptied the shelf! She told me there were 10 cans left, so she bought it all. Now, I have at least 1 year supply of this. Thank you Ann for saving my life! My current obsession.



Now, that I have the sexy tussled look, I need to tame my frizz. I aslo discovered this product in Hawaii. I’m telling you every hair product available to mankind is found in Safeway supermarket in Hawaii.



Currently, this is the body lotion I use. I love the smell and the fact that it is not sticky.




I am very particular with scents. I go for Citrusy scent. The 3 scents that I love are: citrus, vanilla and coconut. I avoid the flower scent. But of course there are a few flower scents that I love. If you know me enough, you know that I use spanish cologne a lot more than perfumes. My favorite is Royale Ambree and Aqua di Parma. Both products are very hard to find in Manila. But I still manage to find some if I really want to. Now that it’s summer I am currently obsessed with the Bath and Body Works colognes. All citrus scent. I use this everyday when I go out.


I use also the body wash and the body gel from Bath and Body Works.



Aside from the bath and Body Works cologne I sometimes alternate it with this 2 scents. Yet another discovery of mine in Hawaii.



My favorite Jo Malone scent during summer time is the Orange Blossom.



And for my warm summer nights.



Now that I look good and smell good, all I need is the right outfit.  What you really need to be comfortable in this heat is a baggy denim jeans and a white cotton t shirt. You’ll never go wrong. Trust me.



And what is summer without neon shorts?



With the intense heat, I still love summer. I asked my friend to choose: summer in Manila or winter in New York?