No wonder they always say that  “mothers’ have a special place in heaven.

Aside from childbirth going thru menopausal is one of the hardest thing I have gone thru. It made giving birth less painful.

If you have followed me since before (my old blogs) you will know I have been going thru menopausal for a long time already.

I am still going thru the symptoms up to now and I really hope it would end soon.

over fatigue

body ache

acid reflux

mood swings


severe head ache

The list could go on…

I am just glad my assistant is here to help me with everything. I dunno what to do without her.

And I am so thankful that I have good friends who understand what I am going thru now and they understand that there are times I really don’t want to go out. They are the friends that I have kept all these years. Roxanne Silverio, Pete Ong, Tina Pua and Barbra Sycip. Thank you for putting up with me all the time.

I should feel normal soon.