Like I mentioned in my last post (before this post) I got sick.

I am still sick now. I was supposed to ambush Dra. Antonio (my pulmonary Doctor) yesterday and just appear with no appointment. I called her secretary and she told me their clinic hours on Fridays starts at 4 pm. And I have been feeling so sick since Monday and it escalated Thursday. I felt I can’t wait at 4 pm. But she promised me she will make me singit. And I know Dra. Antonio has a lot of patients all the time. Especially now for sure cos, it seems like everyone is sick these days.

So, I said okay I’ll be there.

But towards the afternoon I kinda felt okay. I was not sneezing as much anymore and I hardly cough and I did not feel feverish. So I texted the secretary and told her that I’ll call again next week. If I will have a full-blown fever then I really need to go. But for now kaya pa.

I still feel weak tho’. I still have that sick feeling. I know I am not a-ok yet but I guess I am getting there.

All I have been doing is staying inside my room and calling Aiza every minute. “Aiza, yung tubig ko.” Aiza, patayin mo ang aircon.” “Aiza, palabasin mo si Kuroooo!” Aiza, yung gamot ko!”  etc., etc., etc.

I lost count on how many Crime Watch episodes I watched on YouTube. Yesterday the whole afternoon I watched Cast Away (Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt)(whatever happen to Helen Hunt now?)(where is she?)(she was one of my favorites back then) showing on HBO.

I have seen this movie when it came out in the early ’90s. And I have completely forgotten the story and how it ended.

I bawled my eyes out when Jack saw Kelly for the last time under the rain. Hindi ko kinaya. Hindi ko talaga kinaya. I really cried. Mas lalo akong sinipon!

Then in the evening, I watched The Italian Job (still on HBO) (Mark Whalberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Nolan) good movie. I have forgotten how beautiful Charlize Theron is.

Please, God, I hope I will feel better soon. I have so many things pending. I need to see a lot of people yet.