I never thought reinventing myself would take so much of my time and take so much of myself. I view things and people differently now. I never thought it was part of the whole process.

I never thought I would come out a totally different person all together.

I never thought.

But I’m glad I did it.

I was about to give up cos I couldn’t take the stress that came with it. On the second day I woke up and told my daughter: “I need an assistant”. Which my daughter quickly replied: “don’t be oa mom”

I never thought it would go this far, this wide and this big in such a short time.

I never thought.

I never thought that one day I’d actually need an assistant and I am not being oa anymore. I really do. But I want to do it on my own first. I want to learn everything before I can sit back and relax and see how well I have reinvented myself.

I never thought how wonderful life can be.

I never thought.