I clean my laptop all the time. Maybe twice or thrice a week. I can’t stand dusty screen and ¬†sticky keyboard.

My kids sometimes ask me to clean theirs.

I am very O.C. when it comes to my laptop. No one is allowed touch it. I freak out when someone touches my laptop. I am freakish that way.

Here’s how I clean my laptop:

1. I spray it with compress air


I spray the keyboard. Every key and every corner and all the sides. I also spray the screen.

2. After dusting off I wipe the cover, the screen and the keyboard using this:


I like this cos it’s not wet like the ordinary wipes. This is just damp.

3. Last, I finish it off with clean dry small towel.

Viola! My MacBook Air:


*Special thanks to JSP for non stop supply of my compress air and my screen wipes.