When my kids were small I vowed to myself that I would give them a good childhood. If I have to sacrifice my own happiness just to give them that I would. Even if it kills me.

And I will do everything for them to want to come home even if they have their own lives already. That our home will be their refuge.

I was so scared when my boys left last year to study abroad. They will be in a new environment, new friends, they will have freedom. I was scared that they would not want to come home anymore.

My boys are home now for their summer break.

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I am happy their home. But I am more happy that they are happy they are home. Both were excited a few weeks before their scheduled flights. I made sure everyone (our household staff) were ready for them. Cleaning their rooms, their cars, instructing the maids what they normally want for breakfast, etc.

“Mag handa kayo darating na ang mga bata…” (get ready the kids are coming home)

I wanted them to feel that they were missed. I wanted them to feel they have come home.

And I wanted them to know that Home is where Mom is.