hey, guys!

Sorry I have been out of touch lately. After my site went down for a week I got busy with life per se. lol! Seriously, the only reason I can say is I got tamad. We all have those moments. Give me mine.

Nothing really out of the ordinary happened. Just dealing with the everydayness of life. But I had a great weekend. It was relaxing and it just basically calmed my spirit.


We went on a road trip to Batangas. Just packed my bathing suit and the essentials, expect nothing and just go with the flow.

Sometimes things happen when you don’t plan. Just go where life takes you and surrender to the universe.

and some friends greeted us along the way… in full force. lol!

After having lunch in the bayan we settled in this private cove that we found and sat in the sun, swam in the ocean and read a book.

some pics.

I know my haters will raise their eyebrows, take out their fangs and judge me (where they’re very good at).

But ask me if I care.


I did nothing but went shopping for gadgets that I need in my life right now. Laptop case, iPad case, powerbank and iPhone cases.

why do we think we need new ones every month?

I hope you guys are okay and living life the way you want to and not because you need to.

Trust the process.

I am your living example.