I had some technical issues with WordPress when I got back. It started when I updated a certain plug in and after that my WordPress went crazy.

First thing I thought of was, did I get hack? Becos I put password on my NY posts? Did people go to the extent of hacking me? Are people that evil and cruel? Yes. So, I thought omg, my blog got hacked!

So, I called my technical team and had it check by the WordPress guy. It took him 2 days to fix everything and to check what really happened.

It was that stupid plug in update.

But yes, there are some people who are still evil and cruel that exist. Do not be fooled.

Anyway, what have I been doing since I got back?

I am not really a jet lag kind of person (I am lucky in that area). It took me just 2 days to normalise my body clock.

I had lunch with Larry and Aleth the week I arrived. It was suppose to be the week before I left. But my schedule screwed up so it got postponed.

Larry, Aleth, & me

We had lunch in IMC Kavino. This is Larry’s favorite Chinese restaurant. It was my first time there and now I know why it is Larry’s favorite. It is Chinese with a twist.

We had so much fun reminiscing the past. I’ve known Larry since mid 80’s.  We laughed so hard that Larry had tears from laughing. Why is it that when you talk about the past there are some things that are funny now but not funny then?

I promised myself that I will open an Instagram account for Willow Jewelry when I get back from my trip. Until now I haven’t done it yet. Soon. I will let you know once it is launch.

Top: JCrew  //  Wide legged pants: H&M  //  Bag: bought it in a small shop in NY. No brand. Looks like Birkin tho’ ( a Mao Birkin. Love it!).  //  Shoes: Gucci Princetown Mules  // Sunglasses: Celine //  Willow Jewelry