I went to pick up my contact lens in my optical shop which is in Glorietta. I rarely go to Glorietta, I only go there becos my optical shop is there.

On my way back, by the escalator there was this small counter selling trinkets and I saw this very nice colorful “friendship bracelets”. I am not sure of the name but I think it’s what it’s called. Those string bracelets in colorful design that you stack up.

I went to the counter and there were 2 jeje’s oogling at the bracelets. I didn’t mind them. I was busy  choosing the colors I liked  for me and my daughter. I didn’t notice they were looking at me. When I was finished choosing I gave the one’s that I like to the sales girl and asked her how much. She gave me the price and was surprised of the price considering I got a lot.

“Magkano ba ang isa nito miss?”

“P65 po mam”

“ay, ang mura pala!”

The mga jeje started to give me a look and made parinig to me.

” ang yabang!”

I looked at them and asked myself: papatulan ko ba ‘to? Patulan ko.

“eh, talaga naman mura eh!”

“‘wag ka nga mag yayabang dyn”

“bakit ang P65 ba mahal sa inyo yun? kung mahal para sa inyo yun wala kayong karapatan pumunta sa Glorietta! Hala, dun kayo sa bangketa pumunta!”

And then I realized I was alone and they actually can do anything to me. So, I left the counter without buying the bracelets and ran!

While I was waiting for my driver I stood beside the security guard and I followed him everywhere he went! The security guard was probably wondering why. LOL!

Never again!