My daughter and I made sure we didn’t miss mass today. It being Easter sunday.

I remember as a child my Mommy always buys us nice clothes to wear every Easter sunday. And when I became a Mother myself I made sure my kids dress extra nice every Easter sunday mass.

During lunch my daughter asked me “how did we celebrate Easter when we were little? Did we ever go Easter egg hunt?” “And why bunnies? Why not dogs or cats?”

I really don’t know the real story why Easter is connected with bunnies. I really don’t. And all these time I never bothered to find out.

Yes, we did our share of Easter egg hunt. At our village park, Manila Polo Club, or private parties. And we sometimes manage to bring home some bunnies that the kids win in some games.

After mass we had lunch and went home. My daughter baked some easter cupcakes in the afternoon and we both just stayed in becos the heat outside was insanely unbearable.

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Happy Easter everyone!