When my 2 boys left home last year to study abroad I was worried of 2 things.

1. I will miss them terribly and

2. what am I going to do now?

Of course my daughter is still home but she is slowly evolving into a young lady and is busy having a life of her own and school.

Where do I fit in? I have to think.

Quick and fast.

I have to start from scratch.  I have to start from the bottom of the pit.

And so “Willow Jewelries” was born a month ago.

My daughter supported me 100% and some friends helped me as I ventured into the unknown. I specifically thank AFA and JSP who helped me and encouraged me to go on and has given me their support, 100%. There’s no turning back. I’m into this a 100%, too.

It has been so much fun every step of the way. From learning how to do the spread sheet to how to haggle with my “platero” who always change his price.

“eh ganun talaga mam. Ang presyo nang ginto pa iba iba talaga.” And the best advice that I got was from my driver who told me: “mam, wag ka kasi mag bihis ng ganyan pag pumunta tayo dito. Para kang mag sa shopping sa Greenbelt sa hitsura mo Mam, tatagain ka talaga ng mga platero.”

But the best part of this whole process is from my satisfied customers. You have no idea how it feels like when they text or email me and tell me how much they like the items that they bought.

All the hard work paid off. 100%.

I still have to get use to dress down when I go to my “platero.” I have to learn how to dress the part.

And some words from my customers:

Hi, Miss Tina! I adore the necklace so much! 🙂 The quality is really good, the hubby said it was nice too and “na-touch” daw sya because all their initials were there hehe.’ – TPD

Gandaaaaaaaaa. Thank you!!!! – KFS

Thank you so much! I love it! It’s so classic and elegant and easily dressed up by layering with other pieces! Naku I will be checking your blog for updated designs regularly. – JC

I am so happy with my necklace! – AGL

Thank you God for guiding me every step of the way.

Don’t worry, my child.

And I believed the message. 100%.