I’ll give you a tour of my work desk.

This is where I work at home. This is the most magulo area in my room. I am the only one who understands what’s going on here. The house girl usually have a hard time cleaning it cos I don’t want her to touch anything. The minute you move a single thing here I get lost.

This is how it looks like:

click photos for larger view




Now, to take a closer look at it:


from left to right (top): my files, diffuser, picture of me and Claudia taken in Hawaii last year and a picture of me and Claudia when she was 2 years old.

from left to right (bottom): clock, candy container and a bag hanger given to my by Cecile Van Straten of Chuvaness and a gadget I don’t know what’s it called, it tells me the temperature outside.



from left to right (top): a picture of me and Claudia when she was 2 years old, a picture of me taken in 1998, telephone and a box of tissue.

from left to right (bottom): Pop phone (you connect it to your cellphone) given to me by Ann Casimiro, a picture of my kids taken Christmas last year, compress air to clean my laptop and a candle



from left to right: bills tray, desk calendar, used envelopes that I recycle and coin mug



from left to right: my coin mug, Fordham University mug given by JSP, another mug for my pens and a paper weight made of stone with real gold slivers given by JSP. Below the mugs are assorted papers given by Jinggay Ditan that I use to write my to do list, a tray of my supplies (puncher, stapler, glue, paper clips, colored tapes) and cheese balls for munchies.

There it is. My work desk.