It’s my daughters birthday in a few weeks and she told me: “mom, can you tell the boys to send me care package for my birthday”

So, when I was skyping with one of them earlier I told him “your sister just wants a care package for her birthday. So, please. please send her one. She’s been missing you guys a lot lately so don’t forget to send her something on her birthday”

But I made sure he knows what a care package is. You know how boys are.

“Do you know what a care package is?”

– “yes

“Ano yun” (just to make sure he really knows what it is)

– “yung mga sabon

“Anong mga sabon? Bakit mga sabon? Get a small box and fill it up with small random stuff that she likes. Like her favorite chocolates there. You know her favorite chocolates, di ba. Some trinkets, maybe a nice pen, she likes pens, basta small random stuff.”

– “yun nga, like mga sabon!”

Ano yan balikabayan box. Samahan mo na rin kaya ng toothpaste, spam and Taster’s choice.