Mother’s day 2013.

The first call I got early in the morning was from our Yaya Norma. I have written about our Yaya before but for you who doesn’t know her, she was our Yaya ever since Vinny was born. She retired in 2008.

I got a kiss from Claudia when she woke up.

Vinny and Vito greeted me one after the other, thereafter.

Then I called my Mom.

My Mom. This is where it all started.

diana 2 diana 3 diana 4 diana 5 diana 7 diana 8 diana 9 diana 11

She was modelling even with 8 children already. I have always been so proud of her. I had the most beautiful Mommy in school.

mommy 6


One of the popular girl on campus:

mommy 7


And the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.

mommy mommy 4 mommy 2 mommy 3

My Mommy. Diana “Nanette” Enad.

My strength.

Happy Mother’s day.