I was born and raised a Catholic.

I still believe in the Catholic church. Inspite hearing all those allegations about the priests and the Vatican scandals all these years.

But something changed. Thru wisdom gained and thru my own experience.

My faith never wavered. I continue to pray. And I remained a Catholic.

But I believe that everyone is human and is capable to sin. Everyone. Including Priests, Cardinals, Bishops and Popes.

And I believe that the minute we are born we came with a master plan. Our destiny has been written even before our umbilical cord was cut off.

So, no matter what we do things will happen the way it is meant to happen.


No matter what you’re going thru now, things will get better.

Things will always get better. You’ll be okay at the end of the day.

So, to the new Pope, for whatever you stand for in each and every Catholic this is my only wish, I hope you will do something about Priests molesting kids. Please not in my watch. That’s all. That’s all I ask from you.

From me having stayed a Catholic all these years.

Thank you.

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Jorge Mario Bergoglio