I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks and now I don’t know how to start this. Not that there’s anything exciting to tell you it’s just I forgot the hang of it. Like how to gather my thoughts.

Let’s see what’s been happening in my life.

1. When I got back from Cebu I got sick again. I was sick (lost my voice) when I got back from Hongkong. But I was okay when I left for Cebu. And got sick again when I came back. Even up to now I haven’t really “fully” recovered yet. But I am okay, just a few sniffles here and there.

2. When I was in Cebu I bought Mom and Dad a new car. Well, that was really the main reason why I went home (and of course visit them). I have been wanting to change their car for the longest time. So now that I can that was the first thing I did. It’s now off my bucket list.

Nothing fancy. Just a good trusty car that they can use when they go to the city for their check ups.

3. I finally decided to get a maid. After living alone (since October) a little help wouldn’t hurt. Especially with Kuro around who’s becoming a handful. Altho’ I enjoyed living alone. Living alone helped me a lot. It’s really true what they say that God isolates you so you can get yourself together and eventually heal.

And it’s really true that part of your good karma is God sends you angels along the way. It’s hard enough to get maids these days and even harder to find one that works well and someone you can trust.

I don’t want to jinx it but she’s the best. Her name is Aiza but Jing (my bff) calls her Khloe Kardashian. Because of her orange hair and her bubble gum pink colored long nails. I told her to cut her nails already ‘cos first thing Claudia told me was “mom, ewww, have her cut her nails”.

One time I felt so bad leaving Kuro alone (me and KKardashian) were going to the grocery and I just didn’t have the heart to leave Kuro. So, we brought him.

4. Willow Jewelry. Altho’ I havent been working full time since Febuary orders are still coming. So that’s good. I am going to open an Instagram account for Willow Jewelry instead of having a site. I think it is easier that way. That’s going to be my project this coming week.

5. Vito and I had a quick lunch last Wednesday. Just a quick one cos he had to go back to his office. Claudia wanted to come but both her and Vinny were busy in the office) it’s okay, we have our weekly lunch every Sunday (that’s why Sunday is my favorite day of the week). And it’s even more fun now ‘cos Franny joins us.

6. Last Saturday Vinny and Claudia played doubles in the US Embassy Charity Tennis tournament at The Manila Polo Club.

Today is a start of a new week and I have an order that came last night from Singapore. A good start eh?

I love my life. I love my kids and listen, to those who’s trying to separate me from my kids. There’s no way, ever, everrrr, anyone can break our bond. I have built their foundation with my heart and my bare hands inspite of the situation we were given. I have proven myself for f*cking 20+ years and my kids love is enough for me. And that my friend is called a childs love for their mother. Just in case you don’t know.

And this. Read it twice and let it sink in:

“I don’t forget what people have done for me. I don’t forget what people have done to me.”

And oh, while I was away my hair has grown long. Here.

Top: Valentino // Jeans: Zara // Ballet Flats: H&M // Bag: Dolce & Gabbana // Willow Jewelry