Saturday –

I’m just so glad that I am not one of those who needs to be out today. I can just imagine the traffic.

Like always I spent the entire morning doing stuff. My Saturday ritual and after I did some packaging (Willow Jewelry orders) and making some Willow Jewelry pouches (we ran out of pouches!).

I went for a quick lunch in People’s Palace with some friends in Greenbelt 3 and surprisingly there was no traffic. There was a little but nothing to rant about. Just the normal traffic on an ordinary day.

I went home right after lunch (trying to beat the traffic) but at a little past 1:00pm there was still no traffic. hmmm…

Until I got a call.

My friend had to drop an event in BGC ‘cos traffic in EDSA was going nuts. Okay, there you go.

Yay, and I am in the comfort of my room. Sorry for those who braved the nutty traffic in EDSA today.

You’re my hero!