I finished my list today. I made sure of that. I didn’t schedule anything today ‘cos I want it over and done with. I don’t want it hanging on my head the whole week. So, after my meeting with my goldsmith this morning I got ready for the day.


When I got home our houseboy told me that Rocko (our 5-year-old French Bulldog) did not eat the whole day yesterday and today. And that worried me.

After I rested I called Adrian (houseboy) and asked him if Rocko ate. He said no. I told him to force him to eat. A few minutes after he came back and told me Rocko was not responding anymore and looks like he’s dead. So, I freaked out. We all ran to where he was and when I saw Rocko from afar lying down I couldn’t do it. I could not bring myself to go near him.

Adrian checked him again and he was right Rocko died.

That was 2 hours ago.

First thing I did was tell the kids. I know they will all freak out. And I was right. They all freaked out. I couldn’t even process my own feelings anymore ‘cos I was focused on how to comfort the kids especially Claudia. They were all in the office and they kept on texting me non stop. Claudia was calling me and won’t stop crying.

Rocko got paralyzed on his hind legs mid this year. He had a surgery on his spine and his wound got infected. He was in and out of the Vet from then on. About 2 months ago he was at the Vet for a couple of days to observe him and to check on his wound. When we checked him out from the Vet we had to separate him from Andy (our Shi Tzu), McLee (our Belgian Malinois) and Schumi so he would heal properly.

He seemed like he was healing well and would go on walks or go to the park with Andy, Schumi, and McLee like they usually do.

This is all a shock to us. We did not expect this.

RIP Rocko. You will always be our Rockstar.

Life has to go on.


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