Mom had a schedule for cataract surgery on her left eye early this morning (7:00 am).

I woke up very anxious and nervous even though I know it’s just a minor surgery. My brother Ryan was there with her so was Dad.

My brother and I were chatting on Viber the whole time. I was just able to relax when my Mom was out of the operating room. I spoke to Mom briefly and she was complaining that it was kinda painful. So, I told her to go home and rest.

Instead, they went out to have breakfast and bought medicines that her Doctor prescribed her.

She called me when she got home and she said: “Tin, hayag na kaayo ang panan aw!” (English: everything is so bright already!). I told her not to forget to take her medicines (her Doctor gave her antibiotics and 3 kinds of eye drops that she has to drop 6 times a day).

Whew! Thank you, God.

Only then I was to able to begin my day.

Vinny and Claudia sent me to buy them stuff. Remember last week when Vinny needed shoe polish and it was out of stock in Rustans? When Vinny came home from the office yesterday he told me, “Mom, you really need to get me shoe polish ‘cos I look so poor already!” 

So, I ran to Landmark after I spoke with Mom. When Claudia found out I was going out she said, “Mom, buy me loofa and bottle spray I need for my yoga mat.”

I found all the shoe Polish in Landmark. Everything was there!

I got neutral color ‘cos that’s what Vinny wanted. I bought a lot to stock up on it.

I found the bottle spray that Claudia needed. I found the right size.

I got her 2 kinds of loofa ‘cos I didn’t know which kind she wanted.

When I was done I went upstairs to go to the hardware to look for an adaptor. When I got off the escalator this was what I saw.

Christmas is really here people! Ready or not.

There were a lot of things I liked! But it is too early yet. And I need to check my Christmas decors if I need to buy this year. I bought a lot last year and I don’t know if I have room for new ones. Not unless if I change our color motif. But I don’t think so. I’ll stick to our motif every year which is red. If I will change I probably change it to green and white. But I’ll see.

Anyway, yesterday I had lunch with my cousins (my birthday lunch). It took us a few weeks to fit all our schedules. My cousin Mike always flies to Davao, my cousin Cynthia is only available Wednesdays, my cousin Peter was not sure if he can ever make it cos he’s so busy with work, and my cousin Rina can make it anytime (like me).

We had lunch in Nanten Resto in Manila Polo Club (Mike wants Japanese). We had so much fun talking and laughing. Laughing mostly. Especially me & Cynthia (we were the ones who laughed the most and the loudest). It was so fun I forgot that life can still be this fun.

L to R: me, Mike, Cynthia, Rina, and Rina’s friend Gino

After lunch, we went to have coffee (even tho we all don’t drink coffee. hahaha) in Wildflour in BGC


Top: Lanvin  ||  Jeans: Zara  ||  Shoes: Gucci Princetown Slippers  ||  Bag: Hermes Her Bag  ||  Sunglasses: Vintage Emilio Pucci  ||  Willow Jewelry