“Every woman deserves a crown”

And since we don’t have a crown (there’s only 1 queen, Queen Elizabeth)(not unless you’re a beauty queen then that’s another story. But that’s not the kind of crown I want. haha), we might as well buy our own crown. Right?

And since we will look stupid wearing a crown on top of our head every day we can still wear a crown conspicuously and still feel like a queen that we are meant to be.

We at Willow Jewelry brings you our Crown Earrings

I super love our crown earrings and I have been wearing them every day. I think it is so cute and simple and yet looks so elegant and chic. it’s nice to wear as an everyday jewelry or when you’re in a hurry and doesn’t have time to choose what earrings to wear that will go with your other pieces of jewelry.

Why not wear a crown?

And be the queen that you are.

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Get your Crown Earrings now. You certainly deserve one (or more).