Update on Shades of Ms. T

Celine esque everything sold out.

Rounds available are the ff colors: black/silver and silver/silver

99% sold out in less than 3 hours. Thank you everyone for the amazing and overwhelming response. We will be restocking some of the items and will come out with new designs. Please leave a comment or message me (Instagram or Facebook) if there’s a design you want us to restock on.

Yesterday, the whole morning I was swamped with messages and emails, taking in orders. I had errands to do and I was able to leave after lunch already.

The first on my list was pick up a few stuff in National Bookstore and second, was pick up Claudia’s contacts solution. Those were the 2 most important things on my list. Especially the second one. “Please don’t come home if you did not buy my contacts solution” the strict instruction. lol.

So, anyway, I haven’t been to National Bookstore in a long time. I usually go to the one in Glorietta (‘cos this is the branch nearest me) (altho’ I like the Power Plant Mall branch better). I have been going to this branch ever since Vinny was a year old. This was his Disneyland (now his Disneyland is Fullybook) (lol). When he was 3 years old he wanted to go to National Bookstore every day, Nana told him, “why don’t you bring all your clothes in National Bookstore and live there.” lol

Anyway, I was there to pick up a few stuff and ended up buying stuff that I don’t need (only because it was cute) like more journals/notebooks. Like how cute Moleskin notebook can still get? hahaha. I found some journals/ notebooks that I could not afford to pass up.

So, anyway, here are the stuff that I ended up buying which I don’t really need but I couldn’t go home without. Who else is like this? Please leave a comment below.

we all know I won’t write on this. Sometimes this is just too cute to use. I usually just decorate this on my work table.

closer look:

True story:

“Nasaan na ang pentel pen ko??? Mom, it’s Sharpie. Pentel pen is so old school.” 

From then on, Sharpie it is. lol.

more blacks. When Vinny and his friends play board games in his room my black Sharpie always get lost. This is one tip I’ll give to his future wife. Stock up on black Sharpie. lol.

an old school pen that I super love when I was small


more blues and blacks. please. why not?

black small clips? you’ll never know when you need them.

and why not throw in some cute colors.

rose gold big paper clips? are you f*cking kidding me?

this is so TJMaxx. I swear to god. who else wants to live inside TJMaxx?

I always love my National Bookstore run. My soul needed that yesterday.


Top: Forever 21 (good find)  ||  Jeans: Levis Vintage  ||  Sneakers: H&M  ||  Bag: Hermes Backpack  ||  Willow Jewelry  ||  Sunglasses: Shades of Ms. T