After our Sunday lunch yesterday Claudia and I went to Fullybook to check if Trevor Noah’s book (Born A Crime) is available in Manila. If not I was going to order in Amazon.

Yes, I am still not over Trevor Noah. This is serious guys. And ridiculous. Lol!

Anyway, I have been wanting to get hold of his book. So, when I found out that Vinny and Franny were going to True Value after lunch I asked Claudia if she wants to come with me to look for the book. She said yes. She’ll never say no to Fullybook.

Yup, it is available.

This is Trevor Noah’s autobiography. The book is mostly about how it was growing up in Johannesburg during the apartheid to an African mother and a Swiss/German father. Thus the title.

I also picked up Oprah Winfrey’s new book, The Path Made Clear.

Looks like an interesting week for me. I started reading Born A Crime last night. Since I watched Trevor’s Netflix specials I sort of know his life already. Reading it made it more real for me. So now I am obsessed with anything about Africa.

A few years ago when someone told me that Africa is where God lives here on earth I wanted to go there. This was when the kids where still in grade school and Vinny was in high school. But I know Nana will never allow us to go. But I still tried. Who knows, right? She freaked out, like what I thought she would. Hahaha.

After that I pushed going to Africa aside until now. I want to go! It is in my bucket list. Who knows?

Top: Zara // Cargo Pants: Free People // Mules: Gucci // Bag: Henrieth Helene // Willow Jewelry


By the way, I got myself a new car last week. A red Land Rover. Funny thing is I never liked red cars. I hate cars colored red. Except for the red Beetle (Volkwagon) of my friend Bamba. It is a cute car.

I ended up getting a Land Rover. In red. I just thought if you want a Land Rover/Range Rover and you’re a woman the best color to get is red. A red Land Rover/Range Rover is so sexy for a woman. Don’t you think?