I woke up early (like I usually do) and made a fresh cup of coffee. Somehow coffee tastes so much better if you’re the one making it and not being handed to you. Especially if it’s handed to you by someone who is being paid way below minimum wage. opppsss… I just love slips like this. lol!

I have been loving the fresh air and the smell of fresh coffee in the mornings. What a way to start your day.

And what a better way to start my week than working on our Willow Jewelry orders!

Yesterday (Sunday) I was working on 4 orders.

One is from my good friend who ordered 2 of our Cat Necklaces. Since we came out with our puppy necklace last week, she messaged me and asked if we have Cat necklaces (she is a Cat person). Of course we do.

I sent her some samples and these are the 2 designs she chose.

So cute!

Here are some of our designs that you might like (if you’re a cat person):


Please email me your inquiries at: willowjewelrybrand@gmail.com