I failed to realize that living in a condo comes with a fire drill. This is something I am not used to. We don’t have fire drills in Dasma.

But I know that buildings are required to have fire drills. I am fully aware of that.

Yesterday while I was about to jump in the shower, my maid was banging the bathroom door heavily and calling my name mam, mam, mam… WTF was my first reaction. What is going on? I could hear very, very loud siren. On my floor.

I hurriedly put my house dress back and because I was already panicking I forgot to put my underwear back.

I opened the door and she was very pale and shaking.

WTH is going on. I called the lobby but it was busy (I called at least 3 times) I couldn’t get hold of anyone.

I opened the door and checked if any of my neighbors were outside or anyone I can ask. My Indonesian neighbor was also peeping and he looked at me and I looked at him. I asked him what was going on but we could barely hear each other cos the f*cking siren was so loud. But I could see he was also scared.

Across my unit is the door to the stairs and there’s a neon exit sign and the neon exit sign was blinking non stop.

I pointed to the exit sign and signaled I think we better go down and use the stairs. And he goes yes, yes, yes.

The elevators are just very near my unit too, so we went first to the elevators to check. But the elevators were not working. And that only means we have to use the stairs and that also means there is something going on and we did not know what.

At this time I already hit my panic button so we (my Indonesian neighbor, me, my maid and Kuro) all run to the exit door and started running downstairs.

We ran all the way from the 16th f*cking floor to the ground floor panicking and my heart pounding and with no f*cking underwear.

When we got to the ground floor I saw Nick, one of the security (I’m close to all the security up to their commandant) and asked him while I was heavily panting, NICK! what is going on??? And he said calmy without looking at me in the eye, “sa lobby na kayo mag tanong mam”.


The Indonesian guy asked me, what he say, what he say? I told him he said we have to go to the lobby. So we ran to the lobby.

When we got to the lobby there were already a lot of tenants there and at this point I was already angry. So angry.

I saw the commandant and screamed at him (my voice was already in high pitch. That means I am not only angry, I am MAD). He was on the other side of the lobby while I was at the other end. Just imagine how loud my voice was.

Putang ***, ano bang nangyayari! Bakit walang makasagot kung anong nangyayari! We cannot even f*cking get through the intercom!

Commandant knows me. He knows I have a bad temper.

He said, Mam, fire drill lang po.

At that point I wanted to punch his f*cking face

A f*cking fire drill? Are you f*cking kidding me? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING MEEEEEE???

Why were we not informed? Do you realized the whole building is panicking right now???

Then he goes, Mam, nag inform ho kami. The more I got mad. I was so mad and I have never been this mad in a long time.

What the f*ck are you talking about? Do you think people will be panicking like this if we were informed? Stop covering your assses. NO. Don’t ever, ever, ever lie to us just to cover your asses.

Then there was this lady sweating profusely asking the commandant: “what happened? I ran all the way from the 45th floor”.

I told the commandant: you don’t do this, man. You don’t f*cking do this. You need to inform the tenants that there will be a fire drill.

Then he goes: you need to talk to the admin regarding this mam.

I went berserk.

Whoooooo willlll I talkkkkkk to thereeeeeee? Everyone there doesn’t know anythinggggggg.

My god this is so useless. This is wasted energy. It is disrupting my inner peace and disaligning my chakras. It took me how many months already to get to this point in my life. Aligned my chakras and enjoy inner peace.

I asked the commandant until what time is this fire drill? The commandant said: 12 noon Mam. I looked at the clock in the lobby and it was 10:45.

No, You f*cking open the elevators now ‘cos I am going up already.

I was going to meet Vito for lunch at 12:00 and I am running out of time. And besides I didn’t have underwear on. (Cos I am a bad ass bitch, LOL.)

So, he opened the elevators and I went back to my unit.