Today was very hectic. Unusual for a normal Saturday (for me at least).

First, I had lunch with my good friends Keri (Zamora) and Abet (Ong) all the way to Greenhills in Kimpura. Keri and Abet are from Greenhills I am the only one from Makati so, I lost by vote (lol).

I really don’t mind going that far (Greenhills is far for me already) but the thing is it was an early lunch (11 am). That means I have to leave Makati (at the very least) 10:30 am. It was raining hard and that means only one thing, traffic.

I haven’t seen Abet in ages (maybe 2 years)(thank god for social media, at least we keep updated) and the last time I saw Keri was last December. I don’t really mind going the extra mile for them.

Kimpura is always a good idea!

After lunch, I went to Veteran’s hospital to visit Mike (my friend who is in coma). Since I was already halfway, I decided to go.

It’s my first time in Veteran’s hospital and I was amazed how clean this hospital is (for a government hospital).

I was so happy with the progress of Mike. He looks like he is just sleeping (he doesn’t look sick at all). Every time I talk to him he would blink his eyes, I know he can hear me. He would move a little every time I talk. I have a feeling he will wake up soon. Soon.

It was so traffic going back to Makati. I got drained. When I got home my neighbors were texting me and asking me to go down to the 7th-floor (where the pool is) cos one of my neighbors (Happy Ongpaoco-Tiu) son was having a birthday party. I did not want to go anymore cos I was tired and emotionally drained.

In the end, I went down and I’m glad I did. It took my mind off a lot of things that happened earlier.

Life is so precious. That’s all I can and will say for now.

It was so windy this morning, the wind nearly blew me away. Just when we finished shooting the rain poured like crazy. Jesus Christ.

Top: Uniqlo  //  Jeans: Zara  //  Mules: Gucci  //  Bag: Balenciaga  //  Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters  //  Belt: Chanel  //  Willow Jewelry