I spent the whole day doing my hair. Van (hairstylist) came to the house around 11:00 am and did keratin blow out on my hair (hair treatment). This treatment takes so damn long (tiis ganda). We finished around 3:00 pm. We just took a break for like 30 mins to have lunch. After the keratin treatment, I told Van to trim my hair and showed him a picture of a hairstyle that everyone is so crazy about these days.

If you follow some of the worlds famous international/global social media influencers you will notice that they all have the same hairstyle (but none of them has actually exactly copied it yet).

Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle put her on the map in the 90’s. And everyone copied her hairstyle. Actually, her haircut made her more famous than her TV show (Friends).

I’m talking about this haircut

Remember this? We all wanted this hairstyle back in the late 90’s and early 2000

Matilda of @matildaadjerf in Instagram is doing the same thing now. I bet in the next few months everyone will have the same hairstyle. Everyone is coping her 80’s hairstyle.

Everyone is sooo crazy about her hairstyle now that she suddenly became the talk of the town!

My hair is too short for this kind of haircut and I really don’t want to grow my hair this long anymore. So, what Van did is cut my fringe (bangs) a little shorter (you’ll hardly notice it) and trim also the tips of my hair.

Yea. I like it.

This will be nicer in the next few days. I still have keratin on my hair and I am not supposed to shampoo my hair for 3 days. That is why my hair looks sticky and flat.

But, yes, I like it.


Our Sunday lunch today was in Tsukiji (this is the only restaurant that we all agree on). We had a nice lunch. Relax and fun. After lunch, we all went home and just spent the rest of the day at home.

Mom and I were on the phone most of the time and biglang nagka gulo sa Facebook! hahaha.

I sent mom a video of Vinny playing the piano (he played Moon River). I wanted her to listen to it ‘cos I remember when we were small my Dad used to play this song a lot (and I mean a lot that I memorize the song by heart) so, I thought it was my Dad’s favorite song.

If you’re on my Facebook then you probably know what happened next. hahahaha!

I sent her another song that Vinny played (Somewhere in Time) and she super liked it. After listening to it she told me:

Mom: tin, ayaw kalimut pasalamat sa ginoo ha. Kay daghan kaayo ka ug blessings tin. Labi na inyong piano. Nindot  kaayo ug tingog. Nindot kaayo inyong piano.

Mom: Tin, don’t forget to thank God for all your blessings. You have so many blessings tin. Especially your piano. Your piano has a really nice tune.

Me: What about my kids Mom?

Mom: oo, imo sad mga anak.

Mom: yes, your kids also.

I laughed so hard ‘cos she sounded like my kids are only second to the piano.

Late in the afternoon my sales associate in NARS texted me and said that my orders arrived already. So, if you’re interested to know what it is.

NARS Liquid Blush in the shade Orgasm

NARS Bord De Plage Highlighting & Bronzing Palette

Look at it. I am literally dying (You all know my favorite makeup is highlighters and bronzers).

Hello, my name is Tina! I am a makeup addict

Hello tina…. (background)

-shopaholic anonymous


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