Roxanne and Claire.

My very bestest bestfriends.

Since June we haven’t had our usual lunch dates together. Ever since Roxanne changed jobs she can only make it Saturdays while Claire can’t make it Saturdays. So, since June I have been seeing them separately.

And we missed “us”.

Since we haven’t been together in a long time, Claire freed one of her Saturdays (and prepared lunch at her house in Ayala Alabang), so we can be together again. There is just so much to catch up on!

And that was today.

I picked up Roxane around 11:45 am and we trekked our way to Alabang.

The minute Claire opened the door we started to scream. And I mean scream on top of our tonsils.

Only then we realized that we really missed each other.

Claire prepared all our favorites. Crabs, Ilocano longaniza, grilled shrimps & squid, fresh oysters, lumpiang hubad, monggo, etc. etc.

We went straight to the dining room cos we were so hungry already. And when I saw the food I forgot everybody. I was about to put food on my plate but Claire said: “hoy! let’s pray first. Rox, you lead the prayer.” I told myself, “patay, si Roxanne will lead ang haba nito.” Roxanne can really pray. I must admit she prays really good. But at that time I don’t have time to pray ‘cos all I wanted to do was attack the big red, shiny crabs. hahaha.

Claire prepared all kinds of sawsawan. Just choose which kind of sawsawan you like. She had Vigan vinegar, regular vinegar, toyo with onions and tomatoes, kalamansi, bagoong balayan.

The sawsawan was for:

The lato (I haven’t eaten this in so long).

the grilled shrimps and squid

and the oysters. Her maids were going around with a bowl of fresh oysters

Writing this is making me hungry again!

Claire, Roxanne and I are animal lovers. If I have Schumi, Andy, and Rocko, Roxanne has Bailey, Clara, and Daisy. While Claire has:

Kenji ( an Akita breed) who was outside the dining room the whole time. So cute.

Claire, Rox, I did not notice the dingdong of Kenji is out. hahahahahahaha

and a Siberian Husky named Roxy who was under the table and didn’t want her picture taken. So cute.

Photo break. Hurry up, press that button now so I can go back to my food.

After we ate all the food plus dessert (I forgot to take a picture of the yummy leche flan that Claire’s yaya made). We went to chill in the lanai so Rox can vape. It was raining and we had all the time to catch up and talk about a lot of things mostly about life per se.

And I realized that as you grow older people that are meant stay in your life finds a way to stay. While people who are not meant to stay in your life finds a way to leave.

I’m glad that the people who chose to stay in my life are Claire and Roxanne. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I love them both dearly.


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