Two days before Christmas I pressume all your gifts have been delivered by now. And it’s time to sing… “so, this is Christmas… and what have you done…”

I talked to Mom early this morning (as per usual) and they were already in the midst of preparing for their Noche Buena. Mom and Dad has been attending the Misa de Gallo every day (mabuti pa sila. I have never been the “misa de gallo type). It’s so nice to hear Mom talk. Her voice has a different timbre.

Yesterday she went to visit her sisters. I like that Mom’s been going out a lot these days. I’m happy that she’s happy. My goal is to see both my Dad and Mom happy. That’s the greatest gift I can ever receive.

Our Yaya Norma came to visit us. She visits us every Christmas (she’s the yaya of my 3 kids. She was with us ever since I gave birth to Vinny and she retired in 2008). She stayed the whole morning and the kids were so happy to see her. When she found out that Vinny is getting married she got teary eyed. She will cry more than me when the time comes. hahaha.

I went out to meet up with some friends for a quick lunch. Seafood Ramen and Gyosa. I’m still trying to get use to eating healthy. Meaning no rice. This no rice thing is so difficult. It feels like I’m being stripped off from being an Asian. For me I am not Asian if I am not allowed to eat rice. So, what am I then? hahaha.


Top: Uniqlo  ||  Skirt: H&M  ||  Slippers/Mules: Alberta Ferretti  ||  Bag: Gucci  ||  Willow Jewelry