Thank god it’s friday!

And what comes with friday? Traffic! Ughhhh… I hate it.

I was so pissed at our driver ‘cos on our way to BGC (S&R), we were already in the skyway (Buendia) and instead of going left to BGC he went on the right side and went down on EDSA and went inside the small road beside Forbes to go to BGC. WTH. I mean, really? What was the point in going up the skyway? I don’t get it. And all you get is “pasensya na Mam”.

I went to S&R to buy duvet covers and bathroom rugs. The laundry service that I use did not open anymore after the holidays and they still have a lot of my laundry (that they picked up a few days before Christmas).

I had a duvet cover and 2 of my bathroom rugs (among others) that are still with them. I don’t think I will ever get my laundry back. Oh, well…

So, I need to buy duvet covers and bathroom rugs (I always want to have 2 extra in everything).

S&R did not have white duvet covers and white bathroom rugs anymore. I was forced to buy colored ones. Pastel green for my duvet cover and mauve for my bathroom rugs. For the meantime while the white ones are still out of stock.

I didn’t feel well after lunch. Please God, I hope this is not the bug that hit a lot of people after the holidays. I took some Advil and stayed in bed.

This week end I am going to fit my gown for Vinny’s wedding! I am so excited. We are all so stress already. But no one can ever beat Vinny’s stress level! Lol!

So, I guess it’s TGIF whatever the case maybe.


Top: J. Crew // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles // Bag: Chanel Backpack // Willow Jewelry