Last week was crazy and it is so scary. It’s not even over yet. It’s still going on as we speak.

I’m talking about the Thai boys that got trapped in a cave with their coach. I’m sure you all know about that by now. And like me, I’m sure you also are following the story. I hope this saga will end tonight. There are still 4 boys inside plus the coach.

I’m also talking about the Filipino American family from New Jersey that met an accident over the weekend. I know you heard about this, too. The father and the 4 daughters all died and the sole survivor is the mother. This is so horrible. The mother is a nurse and is a co-worker of my good friend Maritess (from New York). I’m sure you all know her cos I often mention her here. So, I get first-hand updates from her. Maritess is so devastated cos she knows the family for 30+ years. They’ve known each other ever since they were both single. They worked in the same hospital.

This is something I don’t have the heart to talk about. As a mother myself this is something very painful and it is something you can’t get over. No one will ever get over this kind of tragedy. No one. How do you even process this in your head?

I’m also talking about the flood in Japan that claimed 100+ lives so far. There’s a lot of videos that are going around in social media and it is so heart wrenching. Families getting separated from one another. Families losing their homes.

I’m also talking about our own President who is mocking God.

Tell me, what is going on? I don’t understand anymore. How do we even begin to move on? Or can we? I don’t know. This is crazy.

But life goes on. And I have stuff to do. In between working (taking orders and meeting with my goldsmith) I ran to the grocery.

I hope things will get better soon. Please, God.


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