I just stayed home. Did stuff at home the whole morning and sent Jake (driver) to run errands. And as usual, I did my weekly face mask and hair mask while working. And put on an old album of James Blunt.

I love listening to music in the morning. Maybe because ever since I was little dad would always play his stereo (turntable) and play his favorite songs. So, while we’re having breakfast background music namin si Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Lou Rawls, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, etc.

He would play it every single morning (no miss) all throughout my childhood until sub-consciously I memorize all their songs. And until now I carried it with me I always want to play music the minute I wake up while having my morning coffee.

In the evening I watched this movie on Netflix “The Last Thing He Wanted”. Netflix released it this month

I clicked on it because first, I like the title and second, it had a powerful cast. Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Willem Dafoe, Rosie Perez, etc. and third, it is based on a true story. You know me I like true stories I don’t like fiction.

It started interesting in the beginning but towards the middle of the movie, you will wonder and ask yourself, ano daw? The plot becomes so confusing. Ang gulo. It starts to be gulo when Anne Hathaway reunited with her father Willem Dafoe.

And until now I really don’t know what the role of Ben Affleck is.

I am the not type who will stop in the middle of the movie when it becomes dragging or boring. Titiisin ko talaga cos I want to know the ending. I do this with books also. I need to finish the story.

This is the very first movie I watched that at the end I told myself, I wasted my time. I wasted 2 hours of my life. I wasted my Saturday night. I wanted to have a quiet evening pero sana lumabas na lang ako! lol!

I got intrigued so I googled it. I read the review and I was right. This is based on a true story from the book written by Dee Rees’. And what I read in the review is “not all books should be a movie”. That’s all I needed to know.

I told Vinny about it and he said, I heard pangit daw.

So, it’s not me. It’s the movie.


I don’t know who is making lihi si Vinny ba or si Franny! Early morning Vinny texted in our chat room that he is craving Peking duck and wants to eat in Peking Garden in Greenbelt 5. He said we have to have lunch in Greenbelt 5 cos he wants to go to newly opened Aesop shop (this is Vinny’s favorite store)

I always let them decide where to eat ever since they were small cos ayoko ma sisi if they don’t like the food.

Claudia said she’s not in the mood to eat Chinese because Coronavirus. lol! But Vinny insisted on the Peking duck. So we ended up eating there.

After lunch, Claudia and I didn’t want to go with Vinny and Franny cos we are not fans of Aesop. Claudia accompanied me to M&S Food (Mark & Spencer) to buy some cookies.

The last time I went to my Doctor he did a process of elimination of my food intake so we will know what made my blood sugar go up again. The first thing he told me to let go of are chips. So, I have been going crazy looking for cookies with no sugar. M&S (Greenbelt 5) didn’t really have that many cookies. They have more coffee and candies. I was only able to buy 2 kinds.

Before going to sleep I watch this reality show that Franny recommended to me, Love is Blind. She told me, “Mom try it you might like it cos I got hooked”.

So pinatulan ko. It was entertaining! I’m now on S1 ep7. I will recommend this if you like reality shows like The Bachelor, etc. It is similar but has a twist thus, Love is Blind.

I love the weekends!


Top: Tropa  //  Shorts: Ralph Lauren  //  Mules: Zara  //  Bag: LV  //  Sunglasses: Givenchy  //  Willow Jewelry