I can’t believe I have cold again! Kakainis! I just hope this won’t mutate into a monster (like what happened to me last month). It took me 2 weeks to recover from that.

This time the virus started with Adrian (houseboy) then the drivers got hawa and now me. It’s not really that bad yet. Yesterday it was the right hole of my nose and today it’s the left hole. I hate this kind of cold. Pa isa isa. Bakit hindi na lang sabay? ughhhh… But I’m okay. Just cold. No cough and no fever. Just body aches and I can fully function.

My day started really nice today! Yes.

Part of revamping Willow Jewelry we are going to change our packaging. The company that will do our new packaging called me so early this morning and told me they can do it! Yay. I was very nervous since the other day waiting for their call to tell me if they can do it or not.

So, now that I have already Spotify Premium (since yesterday) (JSP put me in his account) (so it’s free) (that’s why it sounds so much better cos it’s free) (hahaha) my music life has leveled up. With my Marshalls speakers, OMG, Eva Cassidy feels like she’s singing beside me.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Love you all.


my apologies for the wet floor. As usual, while we were shooting Schumi escaped and jumped to the pool and run around like crazy.

Inner Shirt: Zara  ||  White Denim Jacket: Moussy  ||  Pants: Zara  ||  Shoes: Gucci Princetown Slippers  ||  Bag: Hermes Kelly  ||  Willow Jewelry