Before anything else, I would like to greet Vinny and Franny happy anniversary (Feb. 9). Their first year. Boy, they sure have a long way to go.

But nevertheless, I wish them a life full of happiness, good health, peace and will be successful in breaking the dynamics of the family that he grew up with (the very system I was able to finally leave). Those who are close to me will know what I mean. That’s my wish for them. and… more babies!

love you both, Mom.


I usually just stay home Saturdays. You all know that. But early in the morning, Jake (driver) texted me and said he can’t come in cos he feels like he’s going to have trangkaso (flu).

Oh, shit.

Coronavirus the first thing went to mind. So, I told him to observe himself and if he will have a fever to go run to the nearest hospital. And let me know.

I didn’t hear from him the whole day and today he reported parang walang nang yayari sa kanya. Leche gusto lang pala mag absent.

Last week when I went to S&R I saw these Korean face masks and I picked it up just to try. It comes in a box of 10 masks.

I tried collagen last Saturday. It looks promising cos it’s made in Korea. lol! I wanted to try it because it’s collagen and Snail. The very 2 ingredients that my skin needs at my age.

As usual like I normally do I let the mask stay on my face until the sheet dried up. And I did not wash my face the whole day so the collagen will really seep in my skin.

After lunch, while I was relaxing on my bed and while scrolling my FB feed (I follow some fan page of Trevor Noah on FB) one of  Trevor Noah’s fan page posted this

I kinda know what he meant cos I follow him, watch all his shows and I have his book Born A Crime.

What a powerful message.

So, I picked his book that I haven’t finished reading (I have a few more chapters left) and finally finished it.

Wow. One of the very few books that moved me. It’s now on my favorite list.

In the last chapter, he said something there that hit me to the very core of my being. I felt what he felt. I felt the pain he was feeling at that very moment. I couldn’t take it. I cried that kind of cry a few times in my life. The kind of cry when you feel someone broke you in 2. That kind.

(When I am reading a book I always have a highlighter with me so I can highlight the part that I like).

This. I needed to highlight.

“My cry was not a cry of sadness. It was not catharsis. It wasn’t me feeling sorry for myself. It was an expression of raw pain that came from an inability of my body to express that pain in any other way, shape, or form. She was my Mom. She was my teammate.”

This was when he found out his Mom got shot by her ex-husband (Trevor’s stepdad).

It took me a few hours to went back to normal after finishing the book. For a good hour, I was just staring at the ceiling.

My true feelings finally put into words.


As usual our Sunday lunch with my kids. Franny has popped already. Her tummy is beginning to show and we’re all excited. Nana didn’t like the name they chose. She told Vinny to make a list of names and she will choose. See, this is the dynamics of the family I was talking about. lol!

But of course, I know they (Vinny & Franny) will choose the name they what.

For christ’s sake, leave my kids alone! Let them choose the name of their child. It’s their child. duh.


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