Last weekend I decluttered the drawers of my sunglasses. I do this everytime the drawers (I have 2 drawers for my shades) gets full and I ran out of space. I take out the ones I don’t use anymore, the ones I hardly use and the ones I haven’t used and I have no intention of using (mostly gifts given to me).

While I was going over my shades I found this old (I bought it in late 90’s) Chanel shades that I have forgotten.

“OMG, I still have this!”

I was so happy when I saw it ‘cos this design is so IN now. This design has come back. I was so excited and showed it to Claudia and she couldn’t believe I kept it all these time.

I remember I bought this pair in late 90’s in one of our shopping trips in Hongkong. Those times when we always stay in Regent Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui (Regent Hotel is closed already. It’s a different hotel now).

There was a Chanel shop inside Regent. And one afternoon me, my kids and our Yaya Norma (my kids were toddlers at that time) we were going around the shops inside the hotel. I went inside Chanel and checked what’s new.

I saw this pair and I fell in love with it. I bought it right away.

I used this a couple of times only. It just sat in my drawer and forgot all about it. The case became dirty while stored for a long time and the cases of my other shades have rubbed on it since it’s made of suede.

I’m really glad I kept this.

I wore it today!

and fell in love with it all over again.


Yes. My birthday gift to myself arrived the other day.

Top: H&M  ||  High-waisted boyfriend jeans: Forever 21 (you can find really nice fit high waist jeans in F21)  ||  Mules: Alberta Ferretti  ||  Bag: Hermes Her Bag  ||  Sunglasses: Chanel  ||  Willow Jewelry