Uso pa ba yan? lol!

Valentine’s day. The most useless and commercialize day ever made. Pakana lang ng Hallmark yan. As Nana would say “hindi uso yan sa panahon ko!” She gets mad every time we give her gift or greet her on Valentine’s.

But. We used to celebrate it even when we didn’t have kids yet. It was sort of family celebration. The whole family. His family. FIL, step MIL, SIL, and her kids and Nana.

I hate Valentine’s cos ever since I can remember I never have anyone to celebrate it with. It only emphasizes that nobody loves me.

One Valentine’s when I was in college I received a telegram (the days of telegrams. lol) greeting me a happy valentine’s and it says from “secret admirer”. That f*cking freaked me out. Who the hell? What the hell?

I did not believe it. That was how low my self-esteem was.

I knew someone was playing a prank on me. And I felt so bad cos parang how dare you do this to me. How dare you prank me on this day. How mean.

I told myself p*tang ina pag na laman ko kung sino nag padala nito bubug bugin ko talaga. You messed with the wrong person on a wrong day.

Man, I swear to god I’m gonna kill you with my bare hands.

I got so angry becos it made me feel more unloved. Parang ‘wag naman sa araw na ‘to.

I found out who sent me the telegram a few hours after. The culprit? Mommy. I saw Mom giggling in the kitchen with my ex sister A. I gave them a very intense “it’s not funny” look.

The only time he gave me flowers on Valentine’s was when he was inside rehab and he wanted to go home badly (ginigiyang ng matindi. lol). So, he asked the higher-ups in the rehab to send me 2 dozens red roses.

It’s called a bribe, manipulating the system that would have cured him.

When our guard intercom me and said “mam, flower delivery sa yo. Kailangan mo daw pirmahan”. I was wondering why do I need to sign? So, I went down and went to the entrance and I saw this big flower arrangement. 2 dozens long-stemmed big red roses. Beautiful big red roses. Obvious it was the first bloom of the day. I was like wth. Who is this from? He never ever gave me flowers on Valentine’s.

I remember the prank of Mom. I said is this another prank. Who?

The delivery guy said “paki sign lang dito mam”. I asked him why I needed to sign. He said “mam, kasi COD ho ‘to”.

Ay, leche, nag bigay ka pa. Ako din naman pababayarin mo! This is worse than Mom’s prank!

I began to like Valentine’s day when my kids were big na. They never fail to give me flowers. Even a single tulip, or just 3 red roses. I appreciated it and loved it ‘cos it was very clear it came from the heart.

Vinny and Fran’s flowers came the night of the 13th delivered by Vinny’s driver. I was so happy the card was written by Vinny (of course I wouldn’t mind if it was Fran writing it). That means nag effort. ‘cos he could easily tell Franny to write the message. But he wrote it himself. It made it more meaningful. Even if he’s married na he’s still doing it.

It’s in the details, guys!

Sorry na lang to all who celebrated Valentine’s day and got stuck in the traffic. lol!