I know I promised you guys a few weeks ago that I'd go back shooting my ootd on location every Wednesday again. Since then the weather has not been cooperating (it's been raining here in Manila almost every day).

I just want to let you know that I have not forgotten about it and will definitely shoot my ootd's on location again as soon as the weather clears up. For now, I will be doing shoots randomly around my house (again).

Like today.

Remember last month I was one of the principal sponsors of my niece's wedding? I have not given her a gift yet (that was the time when dad got sick and we were busy attending to him). I promised her I would work on it when we get back from Cebu.

I asked her what else she needs in her house that they don't have yet. I know being young and newly wed is tough especially when you're trying to furnish your house. She said she wants a TV set.

Even tho' it was drizzling the whole morning and so wet, we went to pick up her TV in S&R (it feels so good to check one more chore off my list) (actually 2 chores off my list today. who hoo). I can now watch movies in Netflix without guilt. 😂😂😂

I had a hard time looking for an area where to shoot. We can't shoot in our lanai cos our lanai now is a mess. The furnitures and the exercise machines are all scattered around. Every time it rains we have to move them around so it won't get wet. Aside from being a mess, it is muddy near the pool. So, lanai is out.

We can't shoot in the entrance cos the driver parked Claudia's car there (her car is coding today and used a different car). So, I ended up shooting on the side of the house where you can see the garbage cans, the clothes line and some of our cars. Oh, god. The life of a blogger.

I can't believe it's Friday already tomorrow.

Please don't mind my ugly background

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