When Happy (Ongpaco-Tiu), Arleen, Cookie and I had lunch in Polo (Manila Polo Club) sometime last week Happy mentioned to us that one of her restos Tsokolateria was going to have a pop up in Polo for a month this February. Her people were there (while we were having lunch) setting up the space where her pop-up is going to be (it’s across the sports lounge).

I was so excited cos I heard from Arleen the champorado is so good. Finally, I will be able to taste it without going up to Tagaytay or Baguio or braving the traffic to Quezon City.

So yesterday we went to the pop-up!

The menu

She had all kinds of chocolates and tableas (drooling)

Arleen and I had a hard time choosing what to order. I wanted to try everything. It took us a long time to decide

The only thing that stopped me from ordering everything is my doctor’s appointment on Thursday. I had blood test done yesterday morning and sh*t my blood sugar went up again. I am scared to see Doc Wenceslao tomorrow.

This is what we order

Longganiza pasta

spicy toyo pasta

and the famous isang kaing na champorado with toyo, chicharon, bagnet, milk and extra tablea chocolate on the side.

Help me, Lord (bahala na si batman)(YOLO moment na ‘to teh)

I ate 2 freaking bowls of this!

We had so much fun eating and talking and laughing.

If you go up to Baguio or Tagaytay or just here in Quezon City try Tsokolateria for some real chocolate fix. It’s worth the trip.

Their pop-up in Manila Polo Club will be for a month only.



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I have a huge pimple under my nose. Lol.