When I was out shopping yesterday one of the stores I went to was H&M. I went to check on men’s shorts and men’s joggers. I ended up shopping for myself too. I saw some really nice cardigans and I decided to pick up some.

It happens all the time when it get’s a little cold or when we go abroad I always end up looking for cardigans. Where are they when you need them? Does this happen to you too? I don’t know but somehow they get lost every time you need them.

Well, it’s not really cold here but you can feel it in the air that it’s no longer summer. H&M had a lot of nice colors of their cardigans but I did not pick up the bright ones. They had super bright ones like bright orange, bright green. Anyway, I picked up the light colored ones.

Last weekend I watched a live stream video of Bruno Mar’s concert in Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. And in his concert, he wore red pants and green pants. He looked so smashing and festive. I really liked it. So, when I was going around H&M yesterday they had this really nice red skinny jeans and a green skirt! Of course, I picked it up!

and look at this. So cute!



Update on Rocko

We decided to bury him in our backyard so he will still be close to us. And it’s what the kids want, too.