I love Sundays. I think Sunday is my favorite day of the week (strange, right?)(haha). Only because this is our family day, the day I have the kids all together. And also, I relax in the afternoon. The time when I do nothing but play with Schumi and lie down in bed.

But this Sunday I was left alone. Claudia went to Balesin last Saturday (for the weekend), Vito left for Hongkong last Friday (for the weekend) and Vinny arrived from India last Friday but he went to spend time with his fiancee (yes, he got engaged a few months ago).

I had a shitty day cos I had acid attack. I drank my meds but the pain didn’t go away and I couldn’t do anything about it but go through the pain. It finally went away early evening.

In the evening I waited for the kids to arrive. Claudia flew in around 8:30 pm and Vito landed a little past 11:00 pm and got home past midnight. Only then I was able to fall asleep.


I woke up at my usual time and felt good and ready for the week. I answered emails while having coffee and talked to Mom in between. When the driver dropped off Vinny in the office I went for a quick run to the bank (I was just wearing shorts, slippers and no makeup)(that quick).

When I got back from the bank I had my roots done by Junabeth (our help) while talking to my goldsmith. Vito didn’t go to the office (he got sick while in Hongkong)(cough and colds) and that means I have to cook lunch for him.

After lunch, I did my paperwork and answered email inquiries. And after dinner, I had a terrible headache. Up to now. Real time.

Tomorrow should be a better day.