We left Manila for Tokyo on the morning of the 27th of March via PAL (Philippine Airlines). Yes, you heard me. We took the 8:20 am flight of PAL to Tokyo. It was Claudia who did the booking and she wanted to leave Manila on a morning flight. PAL was the only flight that leaves for Tokyo that early.

You all know that we don’t normally take PAL. We all had bad experience with PAL. But this time we did not have a choice.

I was thinking, okay, let’s give PAL another chance. Everyone deserves another chance.

Our flight was on time. Good.

The plane was new Airbus 300 (if I am not mistaken). Good.

The crew was courteous and attentive. Good.

I was so impressed and so, I took PAL off from my shit list.

When we got to our hotel (Imperial Hotel) I put PAL back on my shit list. Because:

Oh, PAL. What have you done?

Hay naku.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you must have seen the pictures I uploaded and you must have seen how happy I was with the weather. The weather was beyond beautiful (the whole time we were there). And Tokyo instantly became my favorite city in the world.

After checking in we didn’t waste time and went around right away. Well, the kids first went to have ramen while I stayed in my room and rested. When they got back we went to our favorite place, Omotesando.

There was this one boutique that we went to that changed my life forever. LOL. They were selling all vintage Chanel. Claudia and I went crazy.

They carry only vintage Chanel

We went around Omotesando some more and found some really nice shops.

We took the bullet train to Kyoto on Thursday and stayed there overnight. Kyoto was beautiful as well.

Here are some random photos in Tokyo and Kyoto. Enjoy.

Most of the photos are from the camera of Jean Stefano Marcelo.