I can’t believe it’s weekend again. I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad. Time is really flying so fast. Too fast that it is scary. This has been a good week for me. Really. And the highlight of my week is my cousin Vicky and her best friend Marion (who happens to be my good friend) are here in Manila for a few days and I got to spend time with them today!

A little background. My cousin (Vicky) is from New Jersey and Marion is from Gainsville, Florida. They are both on vacation in Cebu (they’re both Cebuanas). Vicky came to Manila to fix her dual citizenship while Marion came to visit her daughter who is a PGI (Postgraduate Intern) in PGH (Philippine General Hospital). So, they came to Manila together.

We went to Polo (Manila Polo Club) early (before 11:00 am) and just lounge around, talk and eat the whole day.

Marion Osmeña, Vicky Reroma and me

The weather today was super nice. Not hot, but sunny and cool and for the first time, it didn’t rain today. We really had fun just talking, eating and catching up for the lost years. Especially my cousin Vicky who I haven’t seen in so many years (ever since their family moved to the US).

Today was nice.


Playsuit: Urban Outfitters  ||  White Tshirt: Hanes  ||  Bag: Givenchy  || Mules: Gucci  ||  Willow Jewelry  ||  Sunglasses: Quay