I just came from lunch with Vito.

Early this morning he texted me: Mom, lunch? I replied sure! I don’t have anything to do today except coffee at 2 pm with Arlene (my neighbor) and our common friend Len Olbes. (which got canceled cos I had to accompany Vito after lunch. It was last minute thing)

We had lunch in Ikomai (Japanese resto) very near my condo. Like 1 building away I can even walk going there. Ikomai has been our go-to Japanese resto lately. They have really good food. Especially their lunch menu. And they have this dessert that they make that Vito really love. A ball of dark chocolate (a little bit bigger than a golf ball). It comes with their lunch menu but you can buy it from them. P200 per pack of 5 balls. The last time we were there Vito bought 2 packs and he told me he finished it in one sitting. It is that good.

I woke up this morning with the sun coming out of my bedroom curtain and I said, wow! The sun is finally out. woooh! And when I went out of my bedroom this is what I saw in the patio.

It was pouring! Where did the sun go?

I told myself there goes my beautiful day. Hay naku. It was raining so hard. Zero visibility. In a blink of an eye, the sun was gone.

This morning Vinny’s driver dropped off the apple pie that I ordered from Franny (Vinny’s wife). I ordered the other day and Franny said it will be ready by today. Franny owns Appledoodle. She makes the traditional American granny apple pie.

It was so funny cos Vinny texted me in our chatroom reminding me of my order and told me his driver is dropping it off in my place after he gets dropped off in his office. I told him, “ya, I know. I’m waiting for it. Yesterday when I went to the grocery I bought sugar-free vanilla ice cream to pair it with the apple pie (a la mode).”

And Vinny goes: Mom, I forgot it’s bawal for you cos you are diabetic! And Claudia jumped in and said, Mom!!! don’t eat it. It will spike your blood sugar. And Vinny continued, just take one bite and the rest post it on IG!

I died laughing!

Here’s the apple pie

they’re on Instagram @appledoodle. You can order from there. It taste heavenly I guarantee you!



Inner shirt: Hanes  //  Cropped Denim Jacket: H&M  //  Sweatpants: Uniqlo  //  Loafers: Gucci  //  Bag: bought it in a small shop in NYC (I forgot the name of the shop)  //  Sunglasses: Le Spec  //  Willow Jewelry

I want to close this post with this quote that I posted on IG and FB this morning. This quote went straight to my heart. This is to those who told lies about me and still continue to do so until the end of their time.

You know who you are.

“I’ve found out something about God… if He makes you live through their lies. He’s going to make them live through your blessings”