I don’t only feel Christmas in the air. My schedule planner feels it too! My schedule is so tight that I don’t even know how to fit everything in. Everyday since last week I have been marking my planner. Invitations, deliveries (Willow Jewelry), deadlines (Willow Jewelry), lunches, even my Doctors appointments, etc., etc., etc. How else will I tell myself that Christmas is finally here. We are already right in the eye of the season.

Today, I focused myself on Willow Jewelry. We are busy today (as per usual). I did not do anything except working on our orders. But tomorrow I need to continue my shopping list. I still have a long way to go and it’s actually stressing me out. I have to finish it by this week. ughhh..

Food is also starting to arrive. People seems to be giving food this year.

The only thing that is not changing is the weather. The temperature is still in the 30’s (celsius). I already took out my sweaters, long sleeves and light jackets and kept my sleeveless and summer outfits (looks like I need to take them out again).

Sometimes when I am changing I’m actually confused on what to wear. Should I wear shorts (‘cos it’s hot), but my heart is already winter (hahaha), so I don’t feel like wearing summer outfits. Hay, naku!

I’m so happy when Vinny arrived from the office today. Globe gave him a new Iphone 7+S but he doesn’t need it ‘cos he just bought Iphone X last week. He asked me if I want it. Hell, yes! I’m going to give to Mom my Iphone 6+S (the one I’m using now) para bigger the screen. She can see me better every time we video call and she can see texts better.

The only problem is I have sooo many Iphone 6+ cases. A lot. And I can’t use it on Iphone 7+S. I need to buy new cases.

I did some online shopping last week (my Christmas gift(s) to myself) (hahaha) and it should be arriving soon. I hope it arrives before Christmas tho’.

Oh, and by the way, remember the Andalou Naturals BB Cream that I hauled last week? I have been using it and I love it! It’s kinda sheer but I mix it with my NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Tint. Just to let you know, ‘cos someone commented asking me to do a review on Andalou Naturals BB cream.

I guess that’s it for today.

I hope you guys are okay and enjoying the Christmas rush!