My weekend was a mix of emotions.

It started early Friday morning I went down and lounged around the pool area. The weather was perfect. Breezy and not hot. It was quiet but you could hear very faintly the morning traffic. It reminded me that I was in the city and not on the beach. I rarely do this (lounge by the pool) and I am glad I did ‘cos it gave me time for myself and it sort of cleansed my soul.


Saturday morning we had breakfast in Salcedo Weekend Market and after breakfast, we went around the market and bought some fruits and seafood. I couldn’t resist the fruits! You can tell that it is indeed summer with all the summer fruits everywhere.


this is one of my favorite summer fruits when I was growing up. Dad had a farm south of Cebu and we had a lot of sineguelas tress. I even learn how to climb a sineguelas tree.



I remembered our friend from San Francisco who was just here a few weeks ago and he was craving for atis. We looked all over but we couldn’t find any. It was not in season yet. So, when I saw this I sent him a picture asap! He wanted to fly back to Manila just because of this fruit. lol! Personally, I like atis but this is not one of my favorite fruits.


Caimito/Star apple

This is one of my childhood fruits. I really don’t like this but when I was growing up my Lola Anas had a lot of caimito trees and she would give us all the time.



I love santol! Especially the Bangkok santol. I grew up eating this fruit.


Langka/Jackfruit and Suha/Pomelo

I bought 2 trays of langka cos this is my favorite fruit! I super love langka. I also bought a tray of pomelo/Suha.


We also bought suman with latik! yummy!


We bought a lot of seafood. Everything was fresh!


Saturday evening was Cecile’s (Chuvaness) birthday party held in XX XX bar. Every year Cecile always celebrate her birthday with a big party. There were some years that I did not attend (you know me I don’t like going out at night) but this time I made sure I attended. Cecile and I sort of went through the same thing last year and I just wanted to support her. I wanted her to have fun. I wanted to have fun. After all the things we both went through I wanted to celebrate. Celebrate big!

She imported 2 DJ’s and the music was ah-mazing! We all dance the whole night. I saw a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in a long time (since I went on a self-imposed hiatus) and it was so nice to see them again!



I received a very sad news early in the morning. My auntie died. She was one of my favorite aunties. She has been sick for a long time and it is sort of a relief that she’s no longer suffering and yet it is still sad to hear that she passed.

The last time I visited her was in one of my trips to Cebu in 2017.

Instead of our usual Sunday lunch, Vinny messaged us in our family chat room that he wanted dinner in his condo. I was so relieved it was moved to dinner cos I only had 4 hours sleep and I woke up tired (from dancing the whole night! lol!) and still groggy.

I told him I’ll cook chicken curry. I am very proud of my chicken curry! I make very good chicken curry, if I may say so myself. My good friend Vanitha (she’s Indian) taught me how to cook authentic chicken curry a few months ago and it’s only now that I perfected it.

Van gave me an authentic Indian curry powder that she bought in Singapore (she’s from Singapore but she comes to Manila often) and that’s one of the reasons why my chicken curry is good.

Vinny was planning to cook steaks but they ended up eating my chicken curry instead.

We had so much fun. It was very relaxing and a chill dinner. I suggested that instead of eating out every Sunday why not we eat in Vinny’s apartment so we can have more time together.

We’ll see. I guess it’s too much work. They’re not ready to entertain in their new place yet.

Monday – true story.

I usually do my weekly grocery every Monday. Fewer people and no long lines in the cashier.  When I was already in the grocery Aiza (helper) called me and said she forgot to list down her coffee and she’s about to run out of coffee.

me: ano nga yung coffee mo? – what’s your coffee?

(when I go to the grocery she comes with me and she’s the one who picks her coffee. Today I did not bring her)

Aiza: Illy

me: ano yun? (I did not understand how she pronounced it) – what is that?

Aiza: Illy madam. (I don’t know why she insists on calling me madam instead of ma’am)

me: spell mo nga – can you spell it.

Aiza: I l l y. Illy.

me: I… L… L…Y? Illy?

Aiza: yes madam.

me: teka muna. Coffee ‘to ni Vinny ah. Pareho kayong coffee in Vinny?

Aiza: yan kasi na sanayan ko madam – that’s what I am used to

me: ah, ganun. Mas mahal pa ang coffee mo kaysa akin. Ang akin Siete Barako lang made in Batangas sayo Illy made in Italy.

Aiza: ah ganun ba Madam? Sige maski ano na lang Madam ‘wag lang yung 3 in 1 kasi masyadong matamis

I bought her 3 in 1 Kopiko.



Aiza’s coffee of choice. LOL! Hindi ko kinaya.





with the security detail of my building. They’re very nice and very magalang.

Top: Zara Basic  //  Wide leg pants: H&M  //   Shoes: Gucci Princetown Mules  //  Bag:  Chanel  //  Sunglasses: Chimi Eyewear  //  Willow Jewelry