When I left our conjugal home last Oct. 28, 2018, TB did not take it well. He was very bitter about it and went on to rant in social media, like you all know by now.

I kept quiet because of 2 reasons 1. I did not want to fan the fire and 2. I want to shield my children.

But there were people who joined in. I already addressed my 2 ex- sisters (Susan and Annie). And wrote about it here. Mom found out about it and sent me this Viber messaged.

And for me that settled it. For as long as I have Mom on my side, then I am okay.

A lot of people asked me what did you do to Melissa Henson? At first I did not get it. And later found out that she joined forces with TB along with my 2 ex sisters.

Someone sent me the rant of Melissa Henson that she posted on her wall.

OMG. She hasn’t moved on. The only thing right here is the time frame. This issue happened in 2010.

Okay, here’s my side of the story.

I don’t know Melissa Henson personally. I haven’t met her in person and I have no idea who she is.

She added me on Facebook and I accepted her cos she was the friend of a friend.

We had a few exchanges on Facebook and that’s just about it.

Did I do anything to her? NO.

When our common friend and I had a fall out in 2010 I blocked all her friends, Melissa Henson included.

She got pissed why I blocked her. And went on and posted some mean things about me. One of her posts she included Marlene Aguilar, who she doesn’t know, who she never met. She included Marlene becos she knows I was very close to Marlene.

I told Marlene about it and sent to Marlene her mean post.

Marlene got angry and sent her army to destroy Melissa.

At this point it was already between her and Marlene. Not me. I did not respond to any of her rants because I didn’t have to. I don’t have time for A low life like her.

Some of her friends contacted me and told me the truth about her. At that time she was just fired from her job because of office intrigues. Go figure.

And one of her friends told me the reason why she is hiding behind the name Melissa Henson. Apparently, she was hiding from her sister in law. She used her sister in laws credit card and maxed it out and never paid.

Melissa Henson went on and bullied me on Facebook everyday for more than 3 years. I let her be and went on with my life. I am not the type who stalk and bully people on Facebook.

Fast track…. October 2018

She is alive! Lol!

And as usual she’s doing what she’s very good at.

She said I am being serve Karma. That’s the only thing she said that’s right.

Yes, I am being serve karma in a silver platter.

Good karma that is…

Toliling (hahahahha. Toliling cos she is already na tuliling), you don’t know me. You don’t know anything about my life. Don’t pretend that you do.

Here, let me give you a sneak peak of my life as of the moment:

I am in Cebu visiting my parents staying in a junior suite in Waterfront Hotel. Today I fly back to Manila in my beautiful condo in Shangrila in the arms of my loved ones,


You will wake up everyday for the rest of your life looking like this:

Pag binut an na dai kay tiguwang na ra ba ta. Cos even if you die ugly and fat at least people can say you died buotan.

Erratum: it’s not our conjugal house. The house that the grandparents of my children gave us. Which TB never spent a single peso cos all he did was take drugs.


and TB, just like the imaginary nose job that you paid for please stop posting imaginary conversation that never happened. ‘wag ka masyadong magpa halata na naki pag usap ka sa sarili mo. Lol!